4 Smart Home Gadgets To Get You Started

4 Smart Home Gadgets To Get You Started
November 23, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

The latest news in smart, healthy, and green home building from the team at Sabine’s New House. In today’s episode we give you some direction on where to start with smart home tech with 4 gadgets we think you should head out and install this week. We also discuss concerns around the chemicals used in fragrances. From cleaners, to spritzes and perfumes, even candles – do you know what harmful chemicals are lurking in your home? And to round it all up, we take a look at another solar innovation where a transparent solar film can be applied to windows opening up a whole new aesthetically pleasing solar option for the home. Tune in every Tuesday for Smart. Healthy. Green. News from Sabine’s New House.


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