Cost of Construction – It’s all in the Details

Cost of Construction – It’s all in the Details
August 4, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Here is a question I get all of the time: Can you build for $xxx?  Yes…but… the real question is “what can you build for $xxx.

Just take a look at these two stone slabs:  They are made of the same material.  They have the same thickness and size.  Yet one is double the price.  Which one?

Can you guess?

The slabs on the right have smooth-and here is the clue, mass-produced or machined edges.  The slabs on the left  have hand-tooled, so-called hammered edges. There is also a so-called flamed edge which has a look in between the two.

The answer is: The right, hand-tooled slabs are twice the cost.  In other words, unless you establish all of the building materials prices / budges can swing dramatically.

Here are other examples – one in roofing and one in lighting.

Know ALL product specifications!  And again, the right question is:

What can you build for $xxx!”


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