Good Bye Bad Odors With A New Green Product

Good Bye Bad Odors With A New Green Product
October 4, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

The latest news in smart, healthy, and green home building from the team at Sabine’s New House. In today’s episode we look at how research is seeking to expand the amount of sunlight utilized in solar power generation, it could have implications on how viable solar is compared to other renewable energy sources. Another story we are watching is a new form of concrete that is able to bend. The implications here for architectural details and structural durability in home construction could be groundbreaking. Christopher and Sabine also rave about a new product we discovered recently called Moso Bags that eliminates bad odors. Our team can’t stop raving about them.  Tune in every Tuesday for Smart. Healthy. Green. News from Sabine’s New House.


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